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A military chaplain ministers to military personnel and, in most cases, their families and civilians working for the military.

In some cases they will also work with local civilians within a military area of operations.

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All Catholic priests who have served and who are serving in the U. military chaplaincy have been “borrowed” or are “on loan” from dioceses or religious orders.

Priest-chaplains do not become incardinated in the AMS.

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This program enables a man with a vocation to priestly ministry in the military to be financially co-sponsored throughout his seminary training by both the military archdiocese and the seminarian’s civilian diocese or religious community.

In the United States, the term, nomination, is not generally applied to the process of becoming a military chaplain.

Individuals volunteer, and if they are accepted, they are commissioned as military staff officers in the Chaplain Corps.

They may also liaise with local religious leaders in an effort to understand the role of religion as both a factor in hostility and war and as a force for reconciliation and peace.

Royal Navy chaplains undertake a 16-week bespoke induction and training course, including a short course at Britannia Royal Naval College, and specialist fleet time at sea alongside a more experienced chaplain.


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