Dating thessaloniki

The Rotunda was built by the Roman emperor Galerius (305-11) as part of a large palace complex in Thessaloniki.

It was probably intended to be his mausoleum, but it was never used as such.

The oldest monument in Thessaloniki, the Rotunda (also known as Agios Georgios) is a massive round building that was first a Roman mausoleum, then a Christian church, then a mosque.

Its interior is decorated with Early Christian mosaics; outside is the city's only surviving minaret.

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The area pictured above and at right was formerly a bus station; when it was moved in 1962, this 1st or 2nd century AD forum was revealed.

Excavators found a bathhouse and mint dating to the 1st century AD below pavement surrounding an odeum.

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This delightful city has an impressive multiethnic heritage, influenced by the different civilizations that have left their mark, including the Romans, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks.

Visitors are awed by the ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, and the world-class archaeology museum, one of the best in Greece.

In 168 BC it became the capital of the second district of Macedonia and later it was made the capital and major port of the whole Roman province of Macedonia (146 BC).

In 42 BC, after the battle at Philippi, Thessalonica was made a free city.


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