Latin dating retire to mexico

As the first Mexican golfer of either gender to be ranked number one in the world, She took up golf at the age of five, won her first state event at the age of six, and her first national event at seven.An 11-year-old Ochoa approached the professional Rafael Alarcon, 1979 winner of the Canadian Amateur Championship, as he worked on his game at Guadalajara Country Club, where her family lived near the 10th tee. Alarcon asked her what her goal was, "She said she wanted to be the best player in the world." As a junior, she captured 22 state events in Guadalajara and 44 national events in Mexico.

In recent years, a steadily growing stream of Americans has been heading south to Latin America for retirement.

If you don’t already have a gig you can make mobile, try real estate or tourism. Guenther recalls that 10 years ago, she trekked to Playa del Carmen, an hour’s drive away, to fetch butter for the seafood restaurant she was then running.

“Now, I can get everything, including gluten-free cornmeal and organic almond milk, no problem,” she says.

In her circle, she also counts a music-industry lawyer, a blogger and an import-exporter as friends.

All three conduct the majority of their work online, supplemented with three or four business trips a year.


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