Sqlcachedependency not invalidating

NET will return the same HTML without processing or hitting the database as long as the cache is valid.

The problem is that your dependency is set for a period of time, so your cached page can be showing stale data, which is often unacceptable.

It supports any parallelogram, and can use any virtual path for loading the overlay image.

Implement the IOverlay Provider interface to provide your own querystring parsing and/or database code.

I can do the checking of all the filters cache item to make sure they exist in cache before loading the questions, but that will require a lot of requests to Redis. I'm new to Redis and this is the first time I implement this type of cache structure in Redis At the moment what I do is I just check for "category:[Category Id]:questions" key.

If it doesn't exist then I load data from database and set all cache items for that category.

Here's a way to implement a database cache dependency in an ASP. At a high level, it uses a timer on a background thread (in an HTTP Module) that checksums database tables. Way back in December I posted about a CMS driven ASP. Many websites make one or many database requests for relatively static data every page hit - if you're componentizing your pages with user or server controls, they may each make separate trips to the database.

NET site I'd worked on that's using a SQL cache dependency. You can scale a site out at the webserver level, but if they're all going to the same database, you've got a bottleneck that you can't horizontally scale out of.

sqlcachedependency not invalidating-2

You can set a cache timeout, optionally specify parameter dependencies, and ASP.Working on different projects many times I have come to the point where I needed to get notifications from a database implemented. NET stack of technologies and MS SQL Server, so implementing notifications with MS SQL Server is usually what I have to do.So what options does one have when you your application needs to be informed when there are changes in the SQL Server data?Add a constructor that accepts a Name Value Collection as an argument, so it can be dynamically created by the plugin. We prefer that you install via Nu Get, but you can also find the plugin DLL files in the /dlls/release folder of your download. The plugin includes two implementations: (Only required for Cached Overlay Provider) A little bit of work is required to get ASP. First, you'll need to run aspnet_on the database and on each of the tables involved ("Logo Design Map", "Logo Design", "Logo Usage", "Organization", "Logo Image2", "Color"). Make sure you have a connection string already, then add the . If you crank down on the cache time to keep the page relatively current, you decrease the benefit the cache was giving you.


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